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When customers have somewhat standard requirements and customization appears to be too time consuming it is recommended to use what is developed and tested before. They can purchase a package that fits their needs to 80-90% and let us modify and install it to make a 100% solution for them.

To address this need, we have also experience in the migration process in some of the reputed ERP applications



A series of changing market trends are reshaping the financial management needs of companies of all sizes, especially small and midsize business. These companies as they grow are faced with the same business and legal requirements as larger enterprises. Gaining a competitive advantage and maintaining a loyal customer base has become a lot harder due to an increasingly commoditized marketplace and at the same time many businesses are increasingly reliant on a dispersed workforce of remote or mobile employees due to the growth of the internet.


In order to manage these escalating challenges and fully capitalize upon today’s expanding market opportunities, many growing companies are recognizing they must adopt robust financial management systems to support their businesses. The organization’s workforce must submit key data to the company’s financial system and must be able to access this corporate information from anywhere, at any time to do their jobs effectively.


The requirement of having a full featured accounting system that can be accessed anywhere at any time is compelling many growing firms to investigate affordable alternatives to packaged software such as QuickBooks and PeachTree as companies often seek a system that

  • Automates complex revenue management, including support for deferred revenue management and multi element arrangements.
  • Supports multiple business entities and on demand financial consolidation.
  • Delivers real time financial visibility.
  • Provides auditability that satisfies regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other applications in your eco system.
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access.

To cater to the financial automation requirements of these growing small and midsized firms, Radiance Soft  introduces  an easy to use full featured core financial automation system making business management easy by providing complete access to your accounting system functions AP, AR and GL anytime, anywhere through an easy to use web interface. This  system is a robust financial management system

  • That handles your increasingly complicated transactions.
  • Helps you to better forecast and track your revenue flows.
  • Allows you to keep a closer eye on your cost structures and adhere to tighter accounting and regulatory compliance standards.

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I found Radiance Soft to be extremely professional producing an excellent product. I am very impressed with the quality of their work. Communication was excellent. Radiance Soft is the type of company you can rely on to prioritize your needs. I will certainly use them again for other projects.”

Omer Fareed
CEO, Envoy Ortus

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